Luniverse Hyperledger Fabric: Free Trial


All customers will share a single network, which might cause inconveniences and problems for your service when excessive traffic is concentrated on the network. As such, make sure that you never store your confidential information or test and operate your service on the chain.

Registration for Free Trial

To experience Hyperledger Fabric Free Trial, you need to be enrolled into our Network. Please to refer to the following link to register on the Network. Registration for Free Trial

Deploying Chain Code

Luniverse Console provides convenient GUI to deploy chaincode within the Hyperledger Fabric network with just a few clicks. Deploying chaincode on Console

Obtaining Fabric Network Usage Certification

To use the deployed chain code, you need connection profile and MSP information. Please refer the following link. Obtaining Fabric Network Usage Certification

Developing Hyperledger Fabric DApp

Now, you are ready to develop DApp for the deployed chain code. Luniverse provides a guide to help you develop DApp on the following link. Developing Hyperledger Fabric DApp

Hyperledger Fabric Tutorial, Luniverstar

Luniverse provides a demo DApp, Luniverstar for developers who have not had the experience of Hyperledger Fabric on the following link. Hyperledger Fabric Tutorial, Luniverstar