What is Loyalty Point?
Loyalty Point is a blockchain-based loyalty program offered by Luniverse. Points earned from the Loyalty program are recorded on Luniverse blockchain, and can be traded as cryptoasset between business

Features of Loyalty Point

🤝 Transaction Transparency and Trust Between Business Partners

    Blockchain promotes transparency and makes it corruption-proof. Data is recorded in an ledger that anyone can access, and it is saved in distributed nodes (computers) in order to protect it from being tempered. Participating corporates can check and manage transaction history in real-time.

💰 Reduce Platform Costs

    Using blockchain to settle point transaction can solve the problem of trust issues between parties. Settlement is an important step when using the point system. Traditionally, building a separate settlement infrastructure was required. However, implementing blockchain solves this problem by integrating the whole system and reducing time and costs.
    You cam employ blockchain to existing point system by simply implementing API provided by Luniverse.

💡 Expansion of Point used

    Corporates can increase their users as well as sales profit by engaging in alliances such as Mil.K and HAU.
    Exchange points with Alliance tokens and liquidate them to cash at any exchange where the token is listed.
TIP : Create your own point system on Luniverse service by following our tutorial! You can create blockchain-based point system in under 5 minutes. Start for Free!

Loyalty Point Usecase


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MIL.K is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to integrate various reward points of its partner brands and trade them in the platform's currency, MLK token Users of MIL.K will view integrated points from various organizations that have joined the MIL.K alliance. Moreover, users can freely convert one point into another by exchanging one point system to another. For example, consumers can easily obtain and use integrated points via a set of 'travel' routes (air ticket reservations, hotel reservations, and local restaurants). This means that users can use the points earned from purchasing flight ticket to book the hotel, or use the points earned from restaurants to purchase flight ticket.
Currently, Korea's leading travel booking platform Yanolja, SeoulAirBus, Shinsegae Duty Free, and many other travel related companies have joined the MIL.K alliance. Points issued by different members of MIL.K alliance can be easily converted to MLK token by using MIL.K app, and this token can be liquidated to cash via any crypto exchange where MLK is listed.

Healthcare Alliance HAU

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HAU is a healthcare reward integration platform, where it manages various on/offline healthcare service (mileage). Users of HAU platform can convert points from companies that participate in HAU Alliance into MLK tokens (Token) and convert them into points of their choice. HAU Health Alliance partners can cross-sell through the platform by sharing a relevant pool of customers.
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