What is Testnet

Free to test on-chain using the Luniverse Console's Testnet Environment!

What is Testnet

Luniverse offers a variety of chain products. Existing customers had to choose one of them to try the Luniverse Console, but it is expected that they would be inconvenient that they could not test the product. So, with this update, Luniverse added a Testnet environment where you can freely upload or test DApps. Try Testnet together for free and, if necessary, buy and use products provided by Luniverse!
The Testnet environment is an environment that connects and uses Elastic Nodes (shared nodes), and it is not recommended for building an actual DApp service or configuring a project. In accordance with the policy of Luniverse, which operates the sandbox environment, updates or deletions are carried out without prior notice.
We recommend the Dedicated Node environment for full-scale project progress, not for testing purposes.

What can I do with Testnet?

Almost all common features are available in the Testnet!
  • Deploying Smart Contracts
  • Using the Tx Action function
  • Issuing and sending tokens
  • Using the NFT API
  • Using the Trace API
So, shall we start?