How to Deploy Smart Contract

What is Contract Resource?

Contract Resource is a term that refers to Solidity Code or ABI + Bytecode generated when the Solidity Code is compiled.
Luniverse manages meta information separately and provides contract resource service to deploy the same smart contract to multiple side chains.
  • Root Account
  • A user with contract management permissions among IAM (Identity & Access Management) Users

How to Upload Contract Resource

Luniverse allows you to register smart contract information with a contract resource through a Solidity File (.sol) or its compiled ABI + Bytecode (a combination of ABI and Bytecode).
You can upload and manage Solidity Code on Ethereum and Luniverse Main Chain and Side Chain.
For a detailed guideline on how to upload contract resources, check the link below: 👇

How to Deploy Smart Contract

In Luniverse, you can generate Blockchain Transactions by deploying the smart contracts on the side chain through various methods.
  • You can deploy a smart contract by loading the uploaded contract resource and setting the necessary parameters.
  • You can import a smart contract by entering the externally deployed smart contract address and ABI + Bytecode. You can also deploy a smart contract by setting the necessary parameters.
For a detailed guideline on smart contract deployment, check the link below: 👇