What is IAM?

Luniverse - Identity and Access Management

What is IAM?

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management, a service that allows you to securely control access to the resources provided by Luniverse. You can create an IAM User or an API Key to authorize and manage the use of resources.

Features of IAM

Managing Permissions of IAM User

You can grant different permissions to multiple IAM users. For example, you can grant some users permission to manage and change billing information while other users permission to create and manage Loyalty Points.
For detailed information about creating and managing permissions of IAM User, check the link below 👇

Managing Permissions of API Keys

You can create multiple API Keys depending on purposes and grant a different permission to each API Key. You can grant a permission to use API for Loyalty Points to some API key and a permission to use the API for another service to another API Key.
For a detailed guideline to create and manage permissions of API Keys, check the link below 👇


In order to log in to Luniverse as IAM User, you must enter Alias along with ID and password. Alias is automatically set up as you sign up for Luniverse with a Root Account, and you can adjust it for your company or project.