Luniverse Sidechain LUK

We have two LUK faucet options for the Luniverse sidechain end-users.
Each end-user address only needs an initial (one-time) sidechain LUK faucet which allows unlimited transaction usage. Luniverse's sidechain faucet is free of charge.

Option 1. Opening a faucet menu on your scan page

Depending on your service purpose, the faucet menu would not be a mandatory option. Please contact us when you need it then we will open it per request.
Faucet menu is added.
  • Help your end-users to visit this page and to input their address to get LUK.
  • Only one faucet per address is allowed.
  • For the sidechain environment, gas fee payment per each external transaction processing, such as a wallet integration(ex., MetaMask), is not required after the initial faucet.

Option 2. Using Faucet API

It might be challenging to make all your service users visit the scan page if they are not friendly to the crypto projects. Using this API can be a better option in that case.
  • You can integrate the faucet API if your system knows all users' wallet addresses.
  • Like option 1, each user's address only needs the one-time initial faucet for unlimited sidechain use.
Please visit the page link below for more details about the API.