How to Connect to Metamask

Asset transfer or withdrawal with the created EOA on Luniverse Mainnet using external wallets such as MetaMask requires LUK. LUK faucet for end-users will be supported soon. Before the support, please be aware of the impossibility of asset transfer from the externally created EOA to other wallets due to the lack of channels for LUK purchase.
Metamask is a digital asset wallet which interacts with Ethereum blockchain. Luniverse Mainnet should be added to Metamask. Follow the instructions below to add Luniverse Mainnet to Metamask!
You need to install Metamask - as an App or a Chrome extension - in prior. Click the link below to install Metamask.​
  1. 1.
    Choose a network in Metamask.
2. Click [Add Network]
3. 네트워크 추가에 필요한 정보들을 아래와 같이 입력해 주세요
[Luniverse Mainnet]
  1. 1.
    Network Name: Luniverse Mainnet
  2. 3.
    Chain ID : 256
  3. 4.
    Symbol : LUK
  4. 5.
    Block Explorer URL :​
4. Luniverse Mainnet has been successfully added to Metamask. Check Luniverse Mainnet.