In 2022, the Lunaverse Bridge will be launched.

What is Luniverse Bridge?

Luniverse Bridge is a bridge protocol connecting diverse chains, including Ethereum, The Balance (Luniverse Mainnet), and Luniverse Sidechain. Below are some of the functions of Luniverse Bridge.
  • Users can connect wrapped assets between chains.
  • ERC-20 (in process), ERC-721 and LNFT are transferrable between Ethereum and Luniverse chain in NFT bridge.
Via Luniverse Network ecology, artists and businesses can efficiently mint NFT and operate a blockchain service with low gas fee and quick finality. “The Balance” chain and “Sidechain” of Luniverse contribute to a strong ecology among corporate networks with Luniverse Bridge.
Users can actively experience the advantages - no gas fee and high TPS - of Sidechain.

Advantages of Luniverse Bridge

  • Affordable cost
    1. 1.
      Open Event: Faucet will provide necessary LUK for free
    2. 2.
      All cost needed for Bridge is gas fee
  • Multichain Bridge
    1. 1.
      According to their business directions, users can choose a new blockchain ecology to scale without compromising the advantages of Sidechain.
    2. 2.
      Users can scale the assets they hold.
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