Environment Setup
Before diving into the blockchain area, you can set up the tutorial development environment here for running the LuniverSTAR K web service.

Essential Resources

1. Demo code Download and unzip the tutorial codes on your desktop.
2. Node.js Node.js is a runtime environment for the service. You can access the official website to download and install it if you don't have installed.
๋‹ค์šด๋กœ๋“œ | Node.js
3. Visual Studio code Download the Visual Studio code used to modify the downloaded code.
4. Educational Materials (Optional) Freely use this PDF version of the tutorial guide material if you want to find more details about the architecture and process!
2021 Luniverse 2.0 idol-funding-demo ๊ต์œก์ž๋ฃŒ.pdf

How to run the server
1. Open VS Code.
2. Click the [file] tab in the upper left corner and click [open folder] to open the unzipped idolfunding2.0 folder.
3. After typing [Ctrl + `] to launch the terminal, check if the node.js is properly installed by typing [node -v] on the terminal. In the successful case, installed node.js version info (starting with v, i.e., v.16.13.0) will appear.
npm install
4. Run the LuniverSTAR K server by typing [npm run serve].
5. Copy the assigned address at the [Network] field and paste it to the web browser's address window to visit the LuniverSTAR K service page.
6. You can see this page if the server is successfully up. Let's move to the next step to start blockchain works!
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Essential Resources
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