Part 2. Luniverse NFT Tutorial
In Part 2, you can experience Luniverse NFT. Learn how you can prove ownership of digital works such as images, sound, or video using blockchain technology.
Key concepts and terms in this course are as follows.
  • NFT Contract: NFT contract is a smart contract that enables issuing, assigning, and transferring the NFT. You can issue NFTs for target digital creatives using the contract, then it can be used to prove ownership. Once the contract is deployed, You can access it using contract information (address, name, symbol...) that you can search on Blockscan.
  • NFT: NFT is a token issued through the deployed NFT contract. Each NFT is has a Token ID, the identifier that guarantees the uniqueness inside the contract. You can access the token by getting metadata URI by calling a tokenURI function of the contract.
  • Media Data: The digital creative related to NFT.
  • Metadata: Metadata is a defined set of information of NFT details such as URL, creation history (creator, creation time), or media data descriptions (title, background color...). Metadata detail specification is expandable according to your needs.
The steps of Luniverse NFT issuance are as follows.
  1. 1.
    Wallet account creation for NFT assignment
  2. 2.
    Smart contract deployment to blockchain
  3. 3.
    NFT issuance through DApp
  4. 4.
NFT DApp Tutorial course
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