4. Tracking

On Luniverse blockchain, information & history of issued NFT are trackable on the network. You have two available tracking options: (1) With Luniverse Scan (2) With MetaMask.

1. Track with Luniverse Scan

  1. 1.
    Go to NFT > Contracts on the left menu.
2. Click the [Side Scan] hyperlink on the detail page of the created token.
3. Find the contract's details (name, symbol, symbol image, address...) on the NFT contract detail page of Luniverse Scan.
4. Track all the transactions related to the NFT.

2. Track with MetaMask

To find your NFT history in MetaMask, a 3rd part wallet, you need to add the Luniverse side chain to the MetaMask network settings.
*We use the mobile version of MetaMask instead of the web version in this tutorial as the latter does not support the NFT image view.

Find out the access point of the Luniverse side chain on the Luniverse console.

  1. 1.
    Environment > Overview
  2. 2.
    Click [LuniverseLPOA], the target side chain network.
3. Copy RPC HTTPS Endpoint from the [RPC Endpoint] tab.

Register Luniverse side chain to mobile MetaMask.

  1. 1.
    Open MetaMask mobile.
  2. 2.
    On MetaMask, go to Settings > Networks > Add Network.
  3. 3.
    Add Luniverse side chain through the following steps. 3-1. Enter any network name you want to save. 3-2. Paste the copied [RPC HTTPS Endpoint] to the RPC Url field. 3-3. Set [872129] as a chain ID. 3-4. Use [LUk] for the currency symbol. 3-5. Click the [Save] button to save.
4. Click the account image and [Import] button to add the account. You can add your wallet account by importing the private key you created on the Luniverse console.
5. In NFT tab in your MetaMask wallet, click [ADD NFTs].
6. Find the contract address and token ID on the Luniverse console to add them to MetaMask. 6-1. NFT > Contracts in Luniverse console. 6-2. Click the token we created. 6-3. Copy Contract Address and TOKEN ID from the console. 6-4. Paste them to the MetaMask wallet to add your NFT!
7. Now you can see the issued NFT with its image on the MetaMask wallet! 🥳
Congratulations! You have completed Luniverse's DApp tutorial. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and we look forward to having you build DApps on Luniverse ecosystem. 🙂
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