Trace Car

Welcome to the Luniverse Trace Tutorial!
This tutorial provides a set of codes to help your understanding of Luniverse Trace service. We will use Trace API to interact with a side chain, without any contract development, so it will be easy to follow even though you are unfamiliar with blockchain.
Working Structure

What is Trace?

As the blockchain is an append-only data structure, nobody can delete or modify the input data after once the data is included in a block. This allows us to ensure on-chain data integrity and reliability. But there is a steep learning curve in implementing the required features for blockchain. That's why Luniverse offers you convenient API services, including Trace.
Trace service provides APIs to write, read, and verify on-chain data into the side chain, working as a distributed data storage. You can record any data you need to guarantee its integrity including a timestamp using our ready-to-use smart contracts designed for data storage. Also, after being recorded, you can inquire and verify the recorded data using verification API.
If you want to know more about Trace, click this link.
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