An authorized IAM user account is required to experience Luniverse NFT. Please send the required information to the email below:

[Required Infromation]
  1. 1.
    Company Name: (EX: Lambda256)
  2. 2.
    E-mail Address: (EX: [email protected])
  3. 3.
    Purpose of Use: (EX: pre-trial for Luniverse NFT development)
  4. 4.
    IP address: ( Check IP Address)

Log in as an IAM User.

  1. 1.
    Access here.
  2. 2.
    Go to the email address you entered and check your account information.
  3. 3.
    Sign In

Deploy the NFT Contract from the Console.

  • Left Menu > NFT > Contracts
  • Click [Deploy NFT Contract] on right
  • Enter [Environment] (ex : Test_NFT (Luniverse POA))
  • Enter [Token Name] (ex : Ethereum)
  • Enter [Token Symbol] (ex : ETH)
  • Upload [Token Symbol Image].
  • Click [Deploy]

Check the Information of the Deployed Contract.

Details of NFT contract
Luniverse sidescan

Issue NFTs through the Luniverse NFT API.

[Auth Token]

  • Issuing Auth Token (Please send us the IP information in advance for testing.)
    • SecretKey: "Secret Key" received with IAM USER
    • AccessKey: "Access Key" received with IAM USER
    • expires: Set an expiration date
  • Click [Execute] to check token information.


  • value: Input Token

[LNFT Media]

  • Upload a file and Execute it
  • Check MediaUrl information.

[LNFT Metadata]

  • Enter the Request body and execute.
    • name, createdBy, createdDate, imageUrl, description, maxMintLimit, etc.
  • Check id information
  • name: Name of metadata.
  • createdBy: Name of the creator.
  • createdDate: Date at which an NFT was created.
  • image: A 19-digit number and string ID to create an image resource
  • imageUrl: A secure URL to an external image resource
  • thumbnailImage: A 19-digit number and string ID to create the thumbnail resource. The thumbnail image takes precedence over the thumbnail image URL.
  • thumbnailImageUrl: Secure URL to external image resource
  • media: A 19-digit number and string ID to create the media resource
  • mediaUrl: Secure URL to the external media resource
  • youtubeUrl: Secure URL to the external YouTube resource
  • backgroundColor : Hexadecimal background color
  • description : Metadata settings
  • externalUrl: The URL of the external URL where the NFT was started
  • maxMintLimit: This is a function to set the maximum issuance quantity of metadata, and there is no limit if left blank.
  • properties: This is a function that defines additional properties of the NFT, and the creator can enter the desired value (ex, the ability of NFT, etc.). It is widely used for NFT exhibitions, etc.

[LNFT Contracts]

  • Click [Execute], and check the id information that matches the contract name.
[LNFT Tokens]
  • contractId : Enter id information of LNFT Contracts.
  • issued: Enter an address to receive NFT.
  • metadataId: Enter id information of LNFT Metadata.
  • Execute and check transaction hash information.

[Luniverse scan]

[Confirm the Final NFT Issue Information]

If you would like to experience Luniverse-based NFT issuance, please get in touch with us through the email below: