My data belongs to me! DID is a developer API service for self-sovereign identity (SSI).
Decentralized Identity (DID) is a technology that securely proves digital identity and data that users themselves own and control. Luniverse DID service provides certificate templates, intuitive authoring tools for creating proof scenarios, and various API support and Wallet SDK to institutions and companies that seek to implement it.

Features of DID

DID is a technology to realize sovereignty over personal information by allowing users to own, manage, and selectively submit necessary information, away from the existing method of centralized management of authentication information by a third-party (service provider) certification authority.
The decentralized authentication system proposed by DID technology is an authentication system that does not use a centralized authentication server. There are three main DID system participants: issuers, users (holders), and verifiers. The issuer is literally an authority that issues credentials (Claim / Credential), and the credentials issued by the issuer are stored on the user's device. Users submit only the information required for their credentials to a verification body (service provider) that requires their credentials. In the whole process, you can check the authenticity of the credentials sent and received through the blockchain.
Luniverse DID provides an intuitive authoring tool for creating credential templates and verification scenarios, and it supports various APIs and Wallet SDK.

Flexible Credential Template Authoring Tool

  • Producing and deploying credential templates for Issuer
  • Templates could be either public or private
  • Producing an authentication scenario for a Verifier(or a Service Provider)를 위한 인증 시나리오 제작 기능

Various Authentication Scenarios Based on SDR

  • Combination and Utilization based on Selective Disclosure Request (SDR)
  • Optional validity period based on the date of issue or specific period
  • Integrated and individual credential generation
  • Multiple proof and one-time proof available

Digital Wallet SDK

  • Integrate DID into your service with the Wallet SDK and provide users with a new digital identity experience
  • Digital Wallet SDK - Android / iOS [Inquire for a Wallet SDK]

DID App Client - Miim

  • Miim - My identity is mine
  • Submit only the necessary information of your valuable personal information for verification
  • The secure blockchain-based identity “Miim”
  • DID app Miim service provided