DID Terms Explained
The Luniverse DID product terminology and general definitions across the DID technology are explained here.
Decentralized Identity (DID) is an identity that is uniquely held by each issuer, validator, and holder.
This is a validator who can request the verifiable presentation from a holder with the selective disclosure request (mainly a service provider).
This is a service user who receives and stores the verifiable credential in local storage and provides the verifiable presentation for the selective disclosure request.
Credential Subject
This is the subject of the verifiable credential (name, age, gender, carrier, phone number, birth date, etc.).
Verification Credential
This is a certificate including the issuerโ€™s signing that can prove the holderโ€™s values for the credential subject verified by the issuer through real-name authentication, KYC, etc.
SDR (Selective Disclosure Request)
This is a request to verify the credentials held by the holder before the verifier provides services. SDR minimizes the exposure of personal information and provides the holder with the final decision right by selectively requesting the submission of the credentials of the person or a trusted third party.
Verifiable Presentation
This is a certificate signed by the holder, including the verifiable credentials for the credential subjects requested by the verifier for the holderโ€™s credentials.
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