Loyalty Point is a blockchain based loyalty program provided on Luniverse. The points can be exchanged or monetized via cryptocurrency exchanges.

Features of Loyalty Point

Securing Trust between Companies and Transparency of Transactions

  • Blockchain technology is a decentralized data storage technology. The greatest feature of this technology is its transparency. This technology transparently records transaction details in a ledger that anyone can read, copy and store on multiple computers. All participating companies can check transaction details in real-time. Since forgery and alteration are impossible, transactions between each company are managed transparently.

Reducing Platform Construction Cost

  • You can overcome the trust problem between companies by performing settlement based on the point transaction history recorded transparently on the shared ledger provided by the blockchain. In the point system, not only issuance and use but settlement is also important. In the past, the settlement infrastructure had to be developed individually. However, the blockchain technology can unify each company’s infrastructure and policy into one system and reduce cost by eliminating the unnecessary process and integrating all systems.
  • 기존에 사용하시던 포인트 시스템 그대로, 바로 블록체인을 적용할 수 있습니다. 루니버스가 제공하는 API를 통해 간편하게 블록체인을 도입하세요.

Expanding Point Use

  • You can acquire users and increase sales by exchanging points among companies by participating in alliances such as Mil.K and HAU.
  • You can exchange points with alliance tokens and cash out points through exchanges where tokens are listed.
TIP : Follow the tutorial on Luniverse Service to generate points! You can create blockchain-based points quickly and easily in 5 minutes. Get started for free!

Examples of Applying Loyalty Points

Leisure/Travel Alliance MIL.K

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MIL.K is an integrated point platform that connects the points of various companies in the travel industry. Users on this platform can view the points of companies participating in the alliance in one place, and they can convert their points to MLK tokens and use them for the desired company. For example, consumers can easily acquire and use integrated points while traveling (air ticket reservations, hotel reservations, and local restaurants). In other words, consumers can use points earned through ticket purchases for hotel reservations and points earned at restaurants for ticket purchases.
Currently, various travel/leisure-related companies such as Seoul Airport Limousine and Shinsegae Duty Free have participated in the alliance, centering on Yanolja, the No. 1 travel reservation platform in Korea. You can easily change the points issued by each company to MLK tokens in the milk app, and cash them out through the exchanges where the tokens are listed.

Health Care Alliance HAU

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HAU is a healthcare integrated reward platform that integrates and manages customer benefits (points), interest information of various online and offline healthcare services. The users of this platform can convert the points of companies participating in the HAU alliance into MLK tokens and use them by converting them into points of the companies that they want. The partners participating in the alliance can cross-sell their products through the platform by sharing a pool of highly relevant customers.